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Welcome to the free video training class on massage therapy. These online video classes will teach you the techniques used by professional Massage Therapists.

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Class 1: Massage Therapy Trigger Points

Introduction to Massage Trigger Points

Shoulder Massage Therapy Lesson 1 

Shoulder Massage Therapy Lesson 2

Calf Massage Technique

Calf Massage Therapy Tutorial 2

Flexing Calves in Massage Therapy


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Shehayla Jones has been a massage therapist for over 27 years, receiving her Massage Technicians License in 1981. She owns and operates a full service massage therapy clinic and micro-spa, Spa Sansu, located in Eugene OR. 541-343-1204. Shehayla specializes in the treatment of occupational and recreational stress related injuries and problems. She is experienced with a variety of massage techniques from Deep Tissue to Trigger Point and Myofascial Release. She has also treating world class athletes, working extensively with tendinitis and sports related injuries in the professional sports care industry. Additionally, she studied as an Esthetician at the Aesthetic Institute in Portland Oregon. Her spa provides a full skin care service. Shehayla is a very talented masseuse who pays attention to detail. She presents her clients with an elegant inviting studio providing a warm relaxing atmosphere, SPA SANSU.

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